Roast Parsnip & Red Pepper Soup

This is a real winter warmer and very simple to make. My mum recently asked me for a recipe and is now entertaining the crowd at the bingo with soup, soup, soup!!




1 ½ large parsnips per person

4 red peppers

knob of butter

2 large onions

1 chilli pepper seeded (not the scotch bonnet or very hot ones unless you like them)

¾ pint of water

1 clove of garlic

Black pepper for seasoning




Wash and peal the parsnips & cut into cubes (not to small) peel the onions and cut into quarters

Part boil the parsnip's, garlic, chilli pepper & onions until the parsnips are tender and drain.


Keep the Garlic and Chilli in the water which you need for the stock.


Place the parsnips, red peppers and onions on a pre-heated baking tray or roasting dish (180 or gas mark ) and roast in the over for about 20 minutes


Remove from the oven and using a blender (reserve a few pieces of red pepper) blend into a fine mix and gradually add the stock until making a smooth mixture.


With some of the stock still in the pan you used to boil the parsnips (enough to cover the base about 1cm deep) add the butter and mix to a fine paste.


Gradually add the mixture from the blender and continue to stir until you have your desired thickness. Season with cracked black pepper and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes


Just before serving, add some of the red pepper that you reserved to garnish and serve with warm bread.


Try the soup to ensure it is not to spicy, if you find it is, add a little cream to smooth out.






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